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Doberman Dawgz Klub NFT community title

We aim to build a large community that will come together to make passive income via an ETF (exchanged traded fund). This will enable community members to create new income in the form of dividends from the ETF which they will gain access to by holding one of our DDK NFTs.

Holding a DDK NFT allows you to create a passive income stream, provides the potential for huge profit if the floor price rises on the NFT itself (floor price means lowest price an NFTs listed at) and can help lead to financial freedom.

The amount of Females in circulation is 500. Every 6 month each female breeds and you have a 50/50 chance of getting a female DDK NFT.


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Doberman DK dog NFT ETF



The DDK NFT ETF title

With the DDK ETF we will deduct 25% off every mint fee and add it to the ETF fund. Once you become an owner and join our discord you will have a say on everything we invest into. With the DDK ETF fund, whether it be stocks, crypto or staking every owner has a say from day one.














Phase 1 Doberman DK roadmap

Doberman Dawgz Klub evolves as the Kreator aims to create man's best friend that will never leave! 10,000 Dobermans are created.

Phase 2 Doberman DK roadmap

DDK community emerges as the DDK NFTs start to mint.


Phase 3 Doberman DK roadmap

Once we sell out, DDK holder community will be established, beginning of the Core Community for the DDK ETF forms.

Phase 4 Doberman DK roadmap

List on solanart.

Phase 5 Doberman DK roadmap

List on major marketplaces: Alpha.art, solsea.io, digitaleyes.market, magiceden.io.

Phase 6 Doberman DK roadmap

As the DDK community takes shape the 25% set aside from minting is staked to create profit for holders whilst DDK ETF is established.

Phase 7 Doberman DK roadmap

DDK Community form together to exchange ideas for the DDK ETF and vote where 25% of minted funds will be allocated throughout crypto, stocks.

Phase 8 Doberman DK roadmap

DDK ETF expands to explore any avenue where DDK ETF Members see profit potential.







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 *15% is deducted instantly from every mint once minting is complete the other 10% is added to the ETF fund so we have the funds to do the marketing which this project deserves.


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